Flashgun Softbox

Modern Flashguns are powerful, lightweight, portable and convenient. When used with our range of softboxes they create a soft and controlled light source every bit as good as traditional mains powered studio light. The Micro Apollo is a simple collapsible softbox which fits direct to your flashgun. The Ezybox Hotshoe converts your battery operated flashgun from a harsh directional light into a much softer diffused light and is available in three sizes. The Ezybox Hotshoe folds flat for easy storage and can be assembled in a matter of minutes. The Ezybox Speed-Lite is a mini softbox which attaches directly onto a flashgun whether it's on or off camera. The softbox folds in the same way as our other highly successful Ezybox softboxes making it an ultra portable solution for busy photographers. In addition to our traditional square Ezybox Hotshoe softbox we also have the Hotrod Octa and Hotrod Strip softboxes for use with battery operated flashguns. The Beauty Box has a white interior for a softer, richer and creamier light, ideal for fashion, beauty and portraits.

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